With “CLAIRE DE LUNE”, Valérie Lecomte takes the spectator alongside Claire, a hard-working real state agent and loving mother of two, on the tracks of her past.
The film is the second short-film written and directed by actress Valérie Lecomte ("The Handmaid's tale", "Forgive me father"), who also stars as Claire. The cast also includes Gemini Award winner and Governor General's Performing Arts Award receipient Diana Leblanc ("More Tales of the City", "Kim's Convenience") as Evelyne, Peter Mazzucco ("Young Badlands", "Standardized") as Mark, Charlotte Tapin ("Mischief", TFO'S "Laura Secord") as Amy and introduces Evan Assailly-Lecomte as Alex.
“CLAIRE DE LUNE” tells the story of Claire and her family. After a meeting at school, Claire's son Alex seems disturbed. In seeking to know more about the mysterious speaker, Claire will discover family secrets buried long ago ....
Valérie Lecomte wrote, directed and co produced “CLAIRE DE LUNE”, alongside with co-producer and Executive producer Antoine Tapin. Set to open in theaters in February 2020, “CLAIRE DE LUNE” is an IRIDIS production.

Valérie Lecomte
Claire / Stéphanie
Diana Leblanc
Peter Mazzucco
Evan Assailly-Lecomte

Valérie Lecomte
Clint D'Souza
Director of Photography
Bonnie Anderson
Sandra Di Girolamo
Script Supervisor