• "Claire de Lune" in production

    we are proud to announce that we have started shooting our first film "Claire de Lune", a bilingual (mostly French speaking) short film, written and directed by Valérie Lecomte. Release is planned in january 2020.

  • Teaming up

    Iridis Production is officially on business. As per May 24, 2019, Iridis Production is officially incorporated. Want to know more about the company?

  • Meet the team

    Iridis production is the happy result of an unlikely encounter between two individuals with very different backgrounds. Wnt to meet the team?

Iridis Production : Presentation

Who are we

As many good stories, Iridis Production is the result of the unlikely encounter of two characters with circumstances. Valerie and Antoine met on stage in 2016, playing in a Molière play. Valerie was already an experiences actress, while it was Antoine's very first step on stage. A few years later, Valerie contacted Antoine to have her daughter playing in the short film she had just finishing writting. But she did not really know where to start, so Antoine brought his "organization" skills to help starting the project. Soon, the become co-producers, and Iridis Production came to life.

The company is now actively working on the production of "Claire de Lune" and, who knows, circumstances might bring us new projects...

Our team
Valérie Lecomte
Co-owner / Artistic director
Antoine Tapin
Co-owner / Administrative director